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[02] Rencard Vag'N'Society Empty [02] Rencard Vag'N'Society

le Mar 26 Aoû 2014 - 20:58
L'association Vag'N'Society organise le dimanche 14 Septembre son 3ème rencard Vag.

Autour d'un étang situé a Beautor dans l'Aisne,un shoot photo et une vidéo seront a l'ordre du jour!!
N’hésitez pas a venir nous rendre visite,ou a nous poser vos questions!!

[02] Rencard Vag'N'Society 59450510614381102045919923424673438130999120485542n

Rendez vous aussi sur notre page Facebook pour toutes les photos et vidéos des deux précédentes éditions!! ;
) (Lien dans ma signature!!)
Polo R32
Polo R32
Golfoo sur-actif
Golfoo sur-actif
Messages : 928
Date d'inscription : 06/04/2006
Localisation : 02,Tergnier,Aisne...

[02] Rencard Vag'N'Society Empty Re: [02] Rencard Vag'N'Society

le Dim 5 Oct 2014 - 19:14

Pour la période hivernale,le Vag'N'Society délocalise et change d'horaires!!
Dorénavant,nos rencards auront lieu le samedi soir dès 20h30.

On vous y attends nombreux!! ;

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le Lun 27 Juil 2015 - 11:09
How Healthful Child's Close friends and Consultants Celebrate Earth Day

through Alexandra Zissu, Editorial Movie director

In honor of Planet Day about April 22nd, we reached out to our community must how they celebrate with the little ones in their life. The overarching response was that not surprisingly our community thinks about every day being Earth Morning, not just once a year. Here are some ideas on raising a good earth steward from Healthy Little one's board people, advisors, and friends.

Ren Smith, board associate and overseer, UTA Foundation: household and I will likely be participating in a new volunteer beach front cleanup using the Surfrider Foundation at Venice Beach along with my fellow workers at discount ray ban outlet Usa Talent Organization. This is a fantastic opportunity for our five year outdated son as well as three year old daughter to understand the importance of preserving our open public spaces free of trash, whilst learning about just how plastic and also other debris may damage our fragile marine environment. McCord, board fellow member, chef, and founder of Weelicious: of the greatest techniques we celebrate Earth Day time is getting in your garden. Each week our family works together in our passable garden learning how to give to the actual soil in order that it in turn creates foods to be able to nurture our systems. Watching the children dig, plant, water and eventually pick along with eat the food they produced is a gorgeous process to expertise. We have 3 chickens consequently our children can easily better understand where their own food comes from. The chickens provide incredible opportunities regarding lessons various colors with their eggs expose diversity in nature, their love of dust bathrooms is their natural form of pest control, their warm and friendly curiosity displays how similar they are somewhat to people, and the care and eating they require aids the children discover the importance of concern for others. Thiessen, ambassador along with actress: increase our own veggies in an natural vegetable back garden using zero pesticides. We own a Bushman system which gathers the rain we use to water our backyard. My little girl helps place and maintain the garden. She saves the truck tops off plastic bottles for art projects in school. She also helps Daddy sort the glass, cans as well as plastic straight into containers for recycling. Stringent, parent ambassador, founding father of DivaLysscious Moms: yr my boys and I please take a big waste bag and go door-to-door in our apartment building inquiring everyone for about one wine glass, plastic, or even cardboard aspect to contribute to the project. At the end of our times, we take our total bag for the nearest recycling where possible center. We all know it each of our little way to make a difference, and it a great way to instill in my guys the importance of tending to the Earth. Additionally we make sure to make an expedition to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens and understand new plants along with my daughters favorite, vegetables! We actually buy a number of seeds there before we all go as well as grow these questions little weed in our window. Doing their own parts taking care of the Earth constantly teaches young children responsibility, self confidence and extra feeling of purpose. We all plant plant seeds and watch all of them grow. We feed wildlife and talk about how they require their homes in addition to their mommies way too. And we by no means drop rubbish, but rather we pick up other individuals trash to hold the earth thoroughly clean. One of my personal greatest hopes is that she'll grow up with a respect and require to care for others, and one massive way of this is by protecting the earth. ray ban store Blake, panel member as well as chief strategist, ProSocial: your kids to enjoy, appreciate and look after the Earth comes naturally if you raise them together with maximum contact with nature. Youngsters are naturally throughout awe of what the planet provides them wriggly worms in the grime to hummingbirds fluttering their particular wings just out of grasp before zipping away from site. They become natural stewards of the atmosphere when lifted in nature instead of inside about discount ray ban video games.

How will you plan to celebrate Earth Morning with your little ones?

June 25, 2015Reduce Your Using Plastics

June 25, 2015How to prevent Added Nitrates as well as Nitrites in Your Meals

June 23, 2015

Do you bunch sandwiches for supper or grab a hot dog at a Barbecue? These foods may have added chemicals you should know about: nitrates as well as nitrites. More

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le Lun 27 Juil 2015 - 11:09
Apple named UK's hottest brand

This particular Saint Bernard dog chasing a GoPro will bring a smile to your faceVIDEO: Audacious Donegal climb within glorious the sun is center pounding stuffVIDEO: Irish people (attempt to) clarify Irish insultsDownload our application

23/09/2013 11:46:36Back to Organization Home

The apple company has cheap ray ban kept its identify as the coolest brand in great britain while massive luxury labels have sent everyday items out of favour, according to once a year survey.

The particular CoolBrands list has Aston Martin and Rolex timepiece in next and third place, since voted simply by 3,500 consumers and a discount ray ban sunglasses panel ray ban aviator associated with 38 "
key influencers"
like television cocinero Gizzi Erskine and style Daisy Lowe.

Everyday brands that focused last springs top Something like 20, such as Haagen Dazs, Bill Jerry's and Style, dropped on the ranking being replaced by luxury names which include Chanel (13), Prada (Fourteen) and Alexander McQueen (Nineteen).

Nike took 4th place, accompanied by Glastonbury and YouTube, while Yahoo and Twitter both fallen from their invest last years top five for you to seventh and also eighth spots respectively.

BBC iPlayer also dropped from last years sixth position to Of sixteen, Skype fell from the top 20 altogether, whilst music loading service Spotify will be the only brand-new digital entry at Twenty.

Both Selfridges as well as Liberty failed to place within the top Something like 20, having presented at 14 and 15 last year, which means no retailers made the most notable group.

Stephen Cheliotis, ceo of the CoolBrands authority, said: "
While Apple remained number 1 this year, query marks continue to be as to just how long they might keep this position industry by storm an increasingly cut-throat set of competitors.

Overall the top Something like 20 saw an obvious swing back to luxury manufacturers as the affordable everyday makes slipped back again.

Fashion brands went back to the front, with activity and tunes brands becoming more conspicuous.

Whether it's due to robust heritage, product quality or quite simply a new correlation together with the reviving English economy, this year's CoolBrands list demonstrates an increasing number of luxury brands get home at the top of the cool record, reversing very last years' trend associated with affordable daily luxuries ruling."

A state CoolBrands top 10 are usually:

1 Apple

2 Aston Martin

Three Rolex

Four Nike6 YouTube

Several Google

Eight Twitter

In search of Virgin Atlantic

10 Ray ban sunglasses

50 brand-new jobs at tech businessFifity careers have been developed at a quick growing technological innovation business.

This is exactly what the King looked like any time she met a robot and it saluted herBut she evidently stayed texas holdem faced within a clip regarding her along with James Bond acting professional Daniel Craig.

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le Lun 27 Juil 2015 - 11:11
Censers Were Used In your house As Well As At Religious Rites

A "
sometimes can be found with an antique shop, but the word can be puzzling. It has not even attempt to do with the "
the one that decides precisely what is acceptable to get published in books or demonstrated on television.

A well used censer is an previous container useful for burning incense. It is usually made of art, porcelain, bronze, iron or another material that will not burn.

A few censers were used at home. A home censer has been heated together with glowing charcoal that captivated the incense. The actual aromatic light up fumigated clothes and also other fabrics and killed insects.

But a new censer is most often employed in a church or forehead for spiritual ceremonies. Enthusiasts can find censers in numerous traditional styles a huge batch, a punctured box or perhaps cylinder or possibly a bulbous vase. The majority are suspended in chains.

The Japanese censer using a mark utilised from 1868 in order to 1912 was presented for sale at a Leland Little public auction this year. Your decorations along with pale yellow-colored crackled glaze are typical products collectors phone "
Satsuma ware."
The ornamental 12 inch large censer with a pierced cover, handles along with feet had been valued at $3,Thousand to $5,500.

Q: I aquired an record of Victorian international calling cards at a flea market. I would like to find out more about the past and tradition involving calling cards.

The: Long before people sent "
friend requests"
upon Facebook, interpersonal contacts were created by leaving any calling card or even visiting credit card at the home of the person you wished to visit.

Traveling to cards had been first employed in China inside the 15th one hundred year. They were used by French vips in the 17 century by the effectively to do in Europe in the early 19th century. First cards ended up hand lettered with simply the name and title of the operator, and possibly the days or a long time they were "
at property."

Could cards had been slightly larger than men's charge cards.

Special mail messages could be communicated by folding down a large part of the greeting card. Folding the superior left supposed the card ended up being delivered by the individual wanting to pay a visit to, not by a servant. A high right crease meant "
congratulations,Inch a bottom part right routed condolences and base left signaled "

Calling cards had been popular in america during Victorian periods and often ended up collected as well as pasted in to scrapbooks. These folks were larger than earlier cards and sometimes featured multi-colored flowers, expensive borders, attached scraps along with fringes.

There are strict regulations of social manners concerning calling cards. If the person who received a new card planned to receive the website visitor, he delivered his own card back. If your person leaving the card didn't get a card back, this meant anybody called about didn't are interested in her. (Similar to having your "
friend request"
ignored on Myspace.)

Care Idea

To get a glass stopper out of the decanter or fragrance bottle, attempt pouring a little glycerin around the neck of the bottle. Wait a few hours, then try and remove it. Duplicate until the stopper will be loose.

Yves St . Laurent silk scarf, white polka spots on red ground, sq border of red, white-colored, green and navy blue, Nineteen sixties, 31 simply by 31 in ., $75.

Sanitary Locks Nets keep display field, hinged lid, image of "
The Kaybee Young lady,"
titled "
Hair Nets 10 cents Each,"
Kunstadter Bros., Chicago, il, 1890s, 7 simply by 9 through 2 inches, $120.

Gold berry desert spoon, shell pan, Lily pattern, Whiting Mfg. Denver colorado., 1902, 9 1/8 inches wide, $130.

Ray Ban Outdoors type Sport sunglasses, aviator style, platinum plated frames, original leather-based pouch, 60s, $175.

Marx Brothers "
Love Happy"
film poster, Harpo, Groucho and Chico in cover along with bathing beauties, 1949, 29 by 41 inches, $250.

Magic Bank"
constructing mechanical standard bank, cast iron;
reddish, white and blue developing;
door opens, cashier appears using tray, cash is ray ban outlet deposited;
1873 1876 patent days, J. Stevens;
5 by 5 1/2 inches, $505.

Seat table, pine, red fresh paint, cut toenail construction, rounded top with battens tilting around chair starting, lidded seat, available interior, 19th century, 28 by 48 inches wide, $575.

Late Neoclassical reflect, rosewood, ogee frame encompassed by gilt moldings, circa 1830, 35 by simply 23 3/4 in ., $800.

Moser cameo glass vase, clear together with lilac cameo design, elephant surrounded by possession, cut sections and notches around top, circa 1912, 12 inches, $1,150.

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